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Here's all the PTers with LJs

2020mike- kottonmouth mike
afjuggalo81- afchris
blazethug89- carl
crystal09- crystal
deepsyxxx- jaymz
defstargoddess- jugzalette aka lexi
halfbreedpsycho- halfbreedpsycho
hatchet_girl- megan
icemadrox- steph
j1nineteen- michelle
jewishjuggalo84- gal
jugglajen- jen
llsa- lisa
ludicrous g- kind of new on PT
lunadan- dan
nora nips- nora
samuraikoc- koc aka kevin
sith1605- sithchris
sniklemit- my lame ass
spinzdaklown- alex
steeb2er- steeb
suplex- chris
sykokore- bjorn
thecrob- crob
whodi_agag- tony aka braindead
wickedjuggalo94- dave
zugsyn- ryno

There's all of them, I got most of them to sign up for the community, but not all yet. Tell these fuckers to sign up for it since they don't listen to me. :/

Oh, I am also getting banned from PT for the kids that don't go to PT as much, or didn't know. Amazing.

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